Corporate Taxation

Startup costs: Book vs. tax treatment

New businesses, which are vital to a healthy economy, usually incur costs before they begin active conduct of their intended business operations. These costs [...]

‘They’re charging me with a crime?’ — failures to pay over employment taxes are increasingly the subject of criminal charges

Failures by a responsible person to pay over federal employment taxes1 formerly were handled almost exclusively through the imposition of penalties under [...]

Revenue numbers again miss target

The state fell short of its anticipated collection total for the month of September by 6.1 percent, or $151.8 million, according to figures released by the [...]

Money-hungry states, cities tax trolling

A lot of attention is being paid, and rightly so, to the tax provisions in Obama's first budget. My blogging colleague William Perez examines in his Tax [...]

Should Your Business Be an LLC or an S Corp?

Advice on how to decide whether to incorporate your business as a limited liability corporation or an S corporation. These two organizational forms have [...]

Business e-file Delay

The IRS announced today that the start date of business return e-file – 1120, 1120S, 1065 and 990 returns – has been delayed to January 12, 2011 (formerly [...]

Foreign Firms Face New US Tax

On January 2, the United States President Barack Obama signed into law the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, which is funded by a fee on the [...]

Tax Season Starts on Time for Most Taxpayers; Those Affected by Late Tax Breaks Can File in Mid- to Late February

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service announced the upcoming tax season will start on time for most people, but taxpayers affected by three recently [...]

The IRS Picks On the Little Guy

Tax audits of big companies have declined as the Internal Revenue Service shifts its attention to smaller businesses. Marie Leone - | US The Internal [...]

S Corp vs LLC – Which form of entity is the right one for me?

We are often asked the question by new entrepreneurs and small business owners as to which is better for them to incorporate – S Corporation or a Limited [...]