Bookkeeping Rates Show Broad Advances

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Intuit survey shows unexpected strength in pricing and collections.

The results are in. Average rates and fees for standard bookkeeping tasks are higher this year than our last survey, published in 2009.

Remember, these results are just the tip of the iceberg. We will have more analysis and exciting results for you soon in the Intuit Accountants Newsletter. But here is your first look at the final results.

Hourly Rates: We’re showing the average rate as well as the mode (the most frequently used amount).

Hourly rates

Fixed Fees: A sizable group of practitioners charge for services by fixed fees. Most of these respondents (but not all) also offer services on an hourly basis.

Fixed fees

Compared to 2009 Survey

Preliminary results from the survey, briefly announced earlier, were trending lower than in 2009. But with full results now in hand, we see that the average rates and fees show an increase over our last survey. Let’s look at a few specific services compared to 2009.

Bookkeeping: Rates increased $4 on average, about 6%, although the $50 rate is still the one charged most frequently.

Bookkeeping rates

General Business Consulting: Rates increased more dramatically among respondents who offered this service. Mode doubled to $150 and the average gained 24%, to $118.

General Business Consulting

Installation and Setup Fee (New User): Average fees are up 20%, to $391. While the average fee increased significantly, distribution of the results created a situation where the mode, the most frequently amount charged, dips from $500 to $250. Regardless, we believe the average amount is the best figure for tracking trends.

Installation and Setup

Quarterly Tune-Up: Average prices have gained 34%, to $309.

Quarterly Tune-Up

Stay Tuned – More to Come: These rates are national averages, and include a wide range of practitioners. Soon we will publish breakdowns as to rates charged by population density (practitioners in rural and high density areas tend to charge less) and title (CPAs and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors tend to charge more).

Disclaimer: By conducting this survey as an informal, web-based straw poll, we are able to develop a large sample. We believe the results to be meaningful, if unscientific.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest ongoing survey conducted among QuickBooks practitioners and others on the rates they charge. We encourage you to use the survey results as one of many data points when you look at how you structure your rates and fees. We also encourage you to apply future results which will provide more detail in terms of more of the factors affecting rates and fees. Please stay tuned for those results, which we will publish soon.

Source: By Bill Teague

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