Month: December 2014

2015 Standard Mileage Rates

SECTION 1. PURPOSE This notice 2014-79 provides the optional 2015 standard mileage rates for taxpayers to use in computing the deductible costs of operating [...]

Top Four Year-End IRA Reminders

Individual Retirement Accounts are an important way to save for retirement. If you have an IRA or may open one soon, there are some key year-end rules that [...]

Fixed Asset Allocation: Why It’s Important

Fixed assets are a key resource for small businesses and can represent a major portion of the net worth captured on the balance sheet. Recording, maintaining, [...]

How to make invoice

Learning how to make an invoice for each customer, then manage and track all outstanding and paid invoices may seem like a dull and time-consuming activity [...]

IRS Releases Official 2014 Tax Rate Brackets, Standard Deductions, Other Inflation-Adjusted Figures

The IRS and the Social Security Administration have released various inflation-adjusted figures for 2014. While delayed slightly by the government shutdown, [...]

How Long Can IRS Audit? It All Depends On You

In most cases, the IRS has three years after you file to audit. If the IRS shows up after that, you may be able to point out that the statute of limitations [...]

Facts about Health Coverage Exemptions

The individual shared responsibility provision of the Health Care Law requires you and each member of your family to: • have qualified health insurance, [...]