What CARES Act Means For Graduates and College Students

COVID-19 has changed our lives drastically. Who would have thought to pass almost half an academic year taking virtual classes, right?  What does this sudden outbreak mean to the college students and graduates? All universities are taking online classes, with students keeping up with the fact that this is what their college life is going to be [...]

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10 Pro-tips ahead of the 2021 tax season

Published on 22/02/2021 Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, most of the Government processes and applications have gone paperless requiring minimal to no [...]

The new Child Tax Credit can help lower the cost of raising children

Published on 15/02/2021 The pandemic has not only crumbled the country’s healthcare system; it has also wreaked havoc on families. Sustaining a household and putting [...]

Consider COVID-related distributions before filing ITR

Published on 08/02/2021 The CARES Act 2020 signed in March 2020 aided thousands of Americans who were struggling to put food on the table. The Act not only provided [...]

A brief look into the Form 1099 NEC

Published on 31/1/2021 T The tax season is approaching soon and the deadline to report your income tax is here. And this year you will have to fill out Form 1099 NEC to [...]

A brief look into getting both PPP loans and the ERC

Published on 25/01/2021 The Paycheck Protection Program is a provision under the CARES Act that assists small businesses to help them keep afloat and during the pandemic. [...]

Prospective tax form changes for 2020 Tax Filing

Published on 18/01/2021 Reforms in the tax code were expected given the recent changes in the Tax Code and considering the latest stimulus payments. The Internal Revenue [...]

All you need to know about the second round of stimulus payments

Published on 11/01/2021 While March 2020 brought the upsetting news of country-wide curbs and an economic slowdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was also a [...]

Do All Kinds of Charitable Donations Promise Tax Deductions?

Published on 04/01/2021 We have officially entered 2021 and the much-dreaded 2020 is finally behind us. For a lot of people in the country, 2020 was the year of grief. [...]

Guide to getting the second stimulus check in your bank account

Published on 28/12/2020 The first round of stimulus payments came just around the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. The package worth $2 trillion is aimed [...]

Self employed individuals can claim PPP loan forgiveness

Published on 19/12/2020 The Paycheck Protection Program is a kind of loan that provides aid to small businesses and enterprises to help them stay afloat during the [...]